International Trade Centre, Tajikistan

Маркази тиҷорати байналмилалӣ, лоиҳаҳо дар Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон

Press Releases in English

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Tajik companies participating for the second time at the Istanbul yarn fair. 28/05/2013

The Projects Steering Committee (PSC) meeting. 24/05/2013


Taijk companies looking for opportunities in Turkish textile market. 20/04/2012

E-introduction of first Tajik artisan blogger. 19/03/2012

Opening the doors in foreign markets for Tajik exporters. 12/03/2012


The Third Meeting of the Project Steering Committee. 29/11/2011

Textillegprom Fair in Moscow Will Host Tajik Companies. 26/09/2011

La mode Tadjike s’expose a Moscou. 20/09/2011

Tajik Fashion Goes on Show in Moscow. 20/09/2011

Tajik Artisanal Companies Participate at Paris fair. 30/08/2011

Quality and Productivity Gainsharing with Tajiki T&C Companies.  25/07/2011

“3G” workshop for Tajik and Kyrgyz Clothing Companies. 28/06/2011

E-Introduction of ITC Project Online Home.14/03/2011

Way to the World of Online Knowledge. 14/03/2011

Kyrgyz Specialists Share the Experience. 20/02/2011


Project Steering Committee (PSC) Second Meeting. 07/12/2010

Establishing a Working Group on the Transparency Provisions in the WTO Agreements. 09/11/2010

Tajikistan Delegation Visited “Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics 2010” Fair. 18/10/2010

ITC International Consultant on Sourcing – Ms. Doreen Tan’s mission. 13/09/2010

Research on Russian Textile and Clothing Market. 11/05/2010

Strategy Formulation Seminar to Define a Comprehensive Development Strategy. 30/03/2010

Representatives of Tajik T&C Sector Visit Paris International Fairs. 08/02/2010

Strategic Value Chain Diagnosis and Action-Planning Seminar. 28/01/2010


Consultation Forum on developing a strategy for the T&C industry of TJK. 27/10/2009

The official signing ceremony of the new project document. 22/10/2009

The Official Ceremony of Launching New Project. 07/07/2009

Two Tajik Enterprises were Certified for ISO 22000 standard. 20/04/2009

Five Tajikistan Enterprises Participate at ProdExpo-2009 in Moscow. 09/02/2009


Development of the National Quality Infrastructure and Technical Regulations Workshop. 17/10/2008

Consumer Survey of Tajikistan Produced Apricot Juice in Dushanbe . 02/06/2008

Special Training Course for Tajikistan Lead Auditors on ISO 9000 . 12/05/2008

Tajikistan Delegation Visits Foodstuffs, Drinks and Food Raw Materials – ProdExpo-2008. 11/02/2008


Six Enterprises Represents Tajikistan in Moscow ProdExpo-2008 . 10/12/2007

Presentation of Export Directory of the Tajik Enterprises. 02/07/2007

Implementing and Realization a Quality Management System Workshop. 29/06/2007

Awareness on Implementing a Food Safety Management System Workshop. 30/04/2007

Tajikistan Fruit & Vegetable Processing Enterprises in Moscow ProdExpo-2007. 12/02/2007

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