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“Suman” company launches its official online store

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E-introduction of first Tajik artisan blogger

“Suman” OJSC, a Dushanbe artisanal company, is a pioneer among Tajik textile and clothing companies in the online marketplace. The company, which is renowned in the Tajik textile and clothing sector for its embroidered handicraft, has launched its official weblog. The Company’s online home was created using the well-known blogging server – WordPress platform at

“Suman’’ OJSC was established in 1992 on the basis of a Soviet factory and currently employs about 70 people, most of which are women, including the management. The company’s products are well-known for their unique use of color, intricate embroidery and a gloriously rich Tajiki aestheticism. The company’s products include national clothing and hats, souvenirs, cotton pillows, workers uniforms, napkins, etc.

The head and owner of the company, Ms. Fayzimoh Ibrohimova says, she is very pleased to have the opportunity to introduce her company’s unique style of embroidery to “Suman” online visitors.: “I am sure that with this online opportunity we contribute to the promotion of Tajiki embroidery and handicrafts among the younger generation and foreigners who are fond of Tajik culture. This website opens new doors of opportunity for us to strengthen our presence in the market and in the foreseeable future to create new job opportunities for skilled women”.

Электронное представление виртуального дома «Суман»

The “Suman” weblog was created under the Trade Promotion Programme in Tajikistan, implemented by International Trade Centre and financed by SECO. Mr. Saidmumin Kamolov, National Manager of the Trade Promotion Program in Tajikistan, believes that this project is unique in its kind, as it combines both the official web-page and the official web-store of the company. Mr. Kamolov says “at a stage when a company with limited finances is not able to allocate funds to develop a web-site, obtain a domain name and pay for hosting services, the best option is to use a free platform. Our aim was to provide the company with an official presence in the virtual world as well as the opportunity to offer its products and services online”.

The weblog is in three languages – English, Tajiki and Russian. The “Suman” weblog introduces its visitors to the company’s history and achievements, products and services, as well as the possibility to order products online.

So, dear ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the first online Tajiki handicrafts store of! Now it is very easy to order unique and amazing embroidered handicrafts – just click here.

The overall objective of Trade Promotion Program in Tajikistan is to contribute to the sustainable expansion and diversification of SMEs’ exports in Tajikistan, by increasing the competitiveness of the textile and clothing industry and improving the quality management infrastructure of the country. This project is funded by the Government of Switzerland through the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

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