International Trade Centre, Tajikistan

Маркази тиҷорати байналмилалӣ, лоиҳаҳо дар Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон

ITC Partners: Young & Active Company – Young & Active Owner

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Leader LLC improves the quality of product and increases production capacity thanks to ITC project assistance.  

“Leader” is a branch of “Amid” group companies and one of the youngest textile companies of Tajikistan. Clothing is the first business of the company, which started its dyeing and finishing unit in 1992. Compared to other textile and clothing companies, “Leader” was built from zero and had no heritage from Soviet factories. The company now has its official web-site:

The young and pro-active General Director of the company has involved young women and men in the management of his company and employs around 40 people.

Currently the main products of the Company are sportswear (mainly kimonos) home textile (towels, napkins, and table cloths), as well as different types of uniforms.

Leader LLC initially faced several challenges, such as the need to improve product design and develop products according to customers and export markets’ requirements.

ITC Partners: “Textile City” subduing Russia

Leader LLC has been closely collaborating with the ITC Trade Promotion Program in Tajikistan since 2009. During this period ITC international experts on product design and development, quality management and productivity visited the company recurrently.

Based on recommendations provided by the ITC International Consultants the quality of the company’s products was significantly improved. Methods of weaving, dyeing, sewing were reexamined and improved and the process of product designing and developing enhanced. The company has created its own brand and has become more recognizable in foreign markets. Involvement of international experts helped the company, to find their weaknesses and put in efforts to eliminate them.

Substantial contribution was made through attending and participating in international trade fairs and exhibitions organized by the ITC project.

Mr. Saidamon Isomaddinov, the General Director of Leader LLC expresses his gratitude to ITC project and noted that attendance and involvement in international fairs and exhibitions helped finding new customers and brought cooperation with well-known companies. Recommendations and inputs given by international experts of ITC helped the company to promote their products in foreign markets admirably.

As an example, the company is now able to conduct negotiations with Russian retailer “Atemi” and famous Japanese chain stores “Mizuno” for establishing cooperation.

Production capacity per month has increased from 500-600 units to 1800-2500 units. Defect rate has gone down from 18% to 8%.

Number of workers has increased from 8-9 to 35 people, and 33 of them are women.  Also a cafeteria was set up for the company’s workers and different social events organized with workers.

Leader LLC would like to take additional measures to strengthen its marketing activities and expand its overall sales. They have already started to work closely with trade agents in Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Pakistan and Japan and opened their web-store in Russia for retail of the Kimonos.

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