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Маркази тиҷорати байналмилалӣ, лоиҳаҳо дар Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон

“Textillegprom” participants’ feedback

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Ten companies from Tajikistan participated in “Textillegprom”, one of the leading international trade fairs of textiles and apparel in the Russian Federation, from 25 to 28 September in Moscow.

Tajik textile and clothing companies “Dilorom”, “Guliston”, “HIMA Textile”, “Leader”, “Nekoo Khujand”, “Nohid”, “Olim Textile”, “Spitamen”, “Textile City”, and “Zinat” exhibited their products at the 39th edition of Textillegprom, the largest specialized industry event in the Russian Federation.  

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Below we gathered some impressions of Tajik participants from the fair.

Nasim Karimov, “Textile City”: “We returned from “Textillegprom” fair with significant achievements. We signed agreements on goods delivery with Moscow companies – “DVIGap” for $1,000,000 and “Shveypromservice” for $500,000, as well as with Kyrgyz “E-Line moda” for $100,000. We should completely change our outmoded views and work on elimination of our mistakes. The products should meet the modern tendencies of the market on the fabric quality and model. We also should think on the design of the stand, as well as on the advertising materials”.

Shahlo Abijanova, “Olim Textile”: “Many thanks to ITC for organizing this participation in “Textillegprom” fair. We reached an agreement with three companies on delivery of total of 700 tons of yarn, part of which will be used for the production of fabric for the famous trade network “IKEA”.

Qiyomiddin Sadriddinov, “Khima Textile”: “I realized that we have to open a representative office in Russia and have our own warehouses here. We will take it into account. The fair provided us with opportunity to get information on cotton yarn customers and knitwear producers. We established contacts with Turkish companies “Olimpex” and “AGM”, Lithuanian “Imlitex Textile” and Austrian “Schoeller”.

Mirsaid Qodirov, “Nohid”: “Most of our stand visitors stated the importance of opening a representative office in Moscow for us, what could ease the collaboration with possible clients. Also, I think, it is necessary to organize direct delivery of the goods from Moscow warehouses into customers throughout in Russia. It was also interesting for us to get informed about the prices and details of products of our direct competitors from Uzbekistan for comparison. I also conducted several meetings with some Russian companies’ representatives during the fair”.

Munir Sultonov, “Leader”: “I think, there were not many potential clients in the fair, probably it depends on the stand location. I think, it would be better to participate at the special sport goods fairs. Anyway, we managed to establish some contacts in the Moscow fair”.

Aslam Nuriddinov, “Guliston”: “We plan to open an office in Moscow and to rent some trade warehouses there for our ready production. The fair was useful for us, as we get acquainted with the activity of Russian and Turkish clothing companies. We signed a preliminary agreement on cooperation with “Atmosphere” company on delivery of production to Belarus”.

Bakhtiyor Muhuddinov, “Nekoo Khujand”: “The fair gave us an idea to open a representative office in Russia and to strengthen our presence there by increasing the export of yarn and socks. We also got a lot of information about the producers of socks and textile products. We preliminary agreed with some Russian and Turkish companies about cooperation in future”.

Alexey Popov, “Leader”: “The fair attracted small number of visitors, who were interested in the sportswear we brought here, particularly, kimono, as well as sporting leather goods, such as gloves and equipment. The fair did not equal our hopes – not enough contacts. Many of the visitors had no visit cards and this was not serious from their side. But, we will try to use the contacts we found. As well as, I think that this fair contributed in improvement of my understanding of the Russian market. Also, I would like to mention that there were many beautiful girls in the fair”.

Angela Vahidova, “Olim Textile”: “Textillegprom” was productive for us, as we had an opportunity to learn the Russian market needs and requirements, as well as the Russian companies’ products. We want to promote our products in the Russian market and sign contracts. During the fair the Russian company “Krasnaya Polyana” showed serious interested in our products. The representatives of the company took some samples of the products with them after meeting and expressed about their readiness in contract signing. Also, one Polish company is ready to sign a contract with us. I would like to express the gratefulness to ITC for the provided opportunity for the participation in this fair”.

Sheroz Ziyabaev, “Zinat”: “The fair provided us with the opportunity to show our products in the world level and to attract the possible clients this way, as well as to share an experience with other companies. This fair will be useful for us also for widening our client database. We also improved our understanding of Russian market”.

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