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Маркази тиҷорати байналмилалӣ, лоиҳаҳо дар Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон

Our Partners: Dynamic Start and Enthusiastic Plans

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The material is available in Tajiki and Russian too

We continue introducing our partner companies by sharing information on their activities, achievements, and future plans. Our current guest is “Olim Textile” CJSC.  


Despite being launched just one and half years ago, the spinning company “Olim Textile” ( dynamically and confidently entered the textile market of Tajikistan, bringing both new ideas and a jolt of competitiveness to the sector. The company, launched in March 2011, decided to create job opportunities for the inhabitants of a remote district of Mastchoh in the Sughd region, becoming the first big textile company in Zarafshan valley. The company would eventually like to cover the full cycle of cotton processing up to the creation of the final product – garment and knitwear. At the current stage, however, the company spins cotton in ring and combed types, employing 300 local inhabitants, most of whom are women.

Ms. Shahlo Abidjanova, head of the marketing department at the company, says the company’s strengths are the full support from the government, their proprietary ginneries, new European machinery and equipment, and most of all – their drive to conquer the market with their new brand. Ms. Abidjanova says that “Olim Textile” brand now is known in many regions of Turkey and despite of high competitiveness with the same kind of products from India, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in Turkish market, the Tajik company is successfully developing its business in this country. She says, “exporting our products to Italy, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Turkey, we pay attention to the quality of products and we already proved our brand in these countries. The company works to earn profits in order to fund further development, as well as to help raise the quality of life for employees and their families”.

The company actively participates in all export-oriented events organized under ITC’s project. Its representatives were encouraged to participate at several international fairs, and were present this year at fairs in both Istanbul and Moscow. As Ms. Abidjanova states, integrating new knowledge from global markets is one of the most effective ways of improving Tajik companies. She says: “I am very satisfied with the assistance provided by the ITC project to our company in terms of valuable guidance and recommendations. I am pleased to witness the effectiveness of ITC approaches, which are directed at improving the companies’ competitiveness in view of market needs and requirements.”

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