Press Releases in English


Raising business development and management skills of Tajik textile & clothing companies. 29/05/2017

ITC and Chamber of Commerce and Industry continue awareness raising initiatives for Tajik business community. 02/05/2017

Tajik clothing companies enhance their knowledge on wholesaling. 14/03/2017

Tajikistan textile production will be exhibited at the biggest fair in CIS. 13/02/2017

Third appearance of Tajik artisans in Frankfurt fair. 10/02/2017

Traditional participation of Tajik companies in the International Istanbul Yarn Fair-2017. 01/02/2017


Discussing achievements and challenges of ITC projects in Tajikistan. 02/12/2016

Preparation of Tajik craftsmen for the Ambiente fair. 25/11/2016

Traditional participation of Tajik companies at Textillegprom fair in Moscow. 19/09/2016

Tajik enterprises will learn European clients’ taste in colour. 15/09/2016

Tajik enterprises will raise awareness on modern fashion marketing. 03/08/2016

Tajik textile and clothing companies visit Kyrgyzstan for a study tour. 24/05/2016

Marketing in modern fashion industry will be taught to Tajik enterprises. 18/05/2016

Seminar on website development for Tajik textile and clothing companies. 28/04/2016

Russian businessmen visit Tajikistan to familiarize with textile and clothing sector. 18/04/2016

Tajik fashion professionals learned brand creation and management. 15/04/2016

Presentation of Tajik textile and clothing companies at a business forum in Moscow. 15/02/2016

Tajikistan artisans in Europe. 11/02/2016

Tajik companies in the International Istanbul Yarn Fair-2016. 03/02/2016


Tajik companies gain access to modern garment manufacturing technologies.12/11/2015

Tajik garment factories learnt apparel costing. 31/10/2015

ITC Tajikistan reports its achievements and discusses challenges. 01/10/2015

Tajik tailors and designers learnt garment construction. 23/09/2015

Tajik textile and clothing companies go to Moscow for the fifth time. 22/09/2015

Lead auditor training course on ISO 14001:2004 standard. 12/08/2015

Tajik handicrafts will go to Frankfurt fair. 31/07/2015

Workshops on Corporate Social Responsibility and Occupational Safety and Health in Tajikistan. 25/05/2015

Tajik designers learned to creatively use 3D style pattern-making techniques. 24/04/2015

Dushanbe’s first cultural tour guide available for city residents and guests. 01/04/2015

Tajik handicraft products in the biggest handmade gift fair in CIS. 16/03/2015

Tajikistan showcases its handicraft in Frankfurt. 13/02/2015

Tajik yarn industry explores new markets through Istanbul fair. 05/02/2015

Tajikistan will develop a new Textile and Clothing Sector Strategy. 27/01/2015


ITC prepares Tajikistan to showcase its handicrafts in Frankfurt and Moscow fairs. 04/12/2014

Tajik designers improve their fashionview in Singapore. 01/12/2014

Assisting Tajik textile companies to make a step forward. 28/11/2014

ITC in Tajikistan: Achievements to date and way forward. 16/10/2014

Record number of Tajik companies at Textillegprom fair in Moscow. 23/09/2014

Lead auditor training course on ISO 9001:2008 standard in Tajikistan. 11/08/2014

“3G-Tailor” training for Tajik clothing companies. 12/06/2014

ITC presents its study on inclusive tourism development in Tajikistan. 19/05/2014

ITC studies Tajik textile and clothing companies’ access to finance. 05/05/2014

Productivity, profitability and competitiveness in the clothing industry. 29/04/2014

International standards coming to the Tajik textile and clothing industry. 10/04/2014

Tajikistan at the Istanbul Yarn Fair. 25/03/2014

The Tajik textile & clothing sector rediscovers the silk road. 03/03/2014

Bridging bio-cotton with textiles & clothing. 25/02/2014

Training in sourcing for textile & clothing companies in Tajikistan. 12/02/2014


ITC bridges tourism to creative industries in Tajikistan. 02/12/2013

Textillegprom fair in Moscow hosts Tajik textile and clothing companies. 23/09/2013

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