Presentation of Tajik textile and clothing companies at a business forum in Moscow

The presentation of the Tajik and Kyrgyz textile and clothing companies will be held at the  Tajikistan/Kyrgyzstan – Russia Business Forum in Moscow on 16 February 2016 ( The business forum is part of the programme for participation of Tajik and Kyrgyz companies at the leading international textiles and apparel trade fair “Textillegprom”. 


The visit of Tajik companies to Moscow is organized under the ITC Tajikistan project funded by the Government of Switzerland within its Trade Cooperation Program (TCP) in Tajikistan.

For the sixth consecutive year the International Trade Centre organizes participation of companies from Tajikistan at “Textillegprom”, the largest specialized industry event in the Russian Federation to be held on 16 to 19 February in Moscow. During these years, more than 20 companies from Tajikistan have participated at this fair with the ITC support, most of them for 4-5 times, bringing home contracts valued from several hundred up to several million dollars. This year eight companies from Tajikistan have the opportunity to expand their foreign export markets: “HIMA Textile”, “Nafisa”, “Nassoji Khujand”, “Nohid”, “Olim Textile”, “Ortex”, “Rahimov A.A.”, and “Vahdat Textile”. 

“Textillegprom”, also called the Federal Trade Fair for Textile and Light Industry Goods and Equipment, is held twice a year and serves as a meeting place for around 2,000 trade and industrial companies. More than 37,000 wholesale buyers and industry experts visit the fair, where over 2,500 companies showcase their innovative products in total display area of over 65,000 sq. m. Mr. Armen Zargaryan, ITC’s Programme Coordinator for the Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, says: “Textillegprom attracts exhibitors and buyers from all regions of the Russian Federation, giving a complete picture of the Russian market. So, this fair is a good opportunity for Tajik exporters to research and better understand the Russian market requirements by interacting with exhibitors and potential buyers from all regions of the Russian Federation.”  

Mr. Nasim Hakimov, General Director of “Nassoji Khujand” company says: “Previous participations in this fair provided us with opportunity to sign contracts with foreign companies. We look forward to increase our presence in the Russian market through participation in the textile and clothing fairs”.

Organized in the framework of the trade fair, a special business forum brings together the main players of the textile and clothing sectors of the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan to discuss possible cooperation, as well as to present the Tajik and Kyrgyz companies’ products and services. For this purpose a special website of the forum was created


Mr. Saidmumin Kamolov, ITC National Programme Manager in Tajikistan, who accompanies the Tajik delegation at the fair, says: “The Central Asian companies have all opportunities to strengthen their presence in the Russian market. At the business forum the advantages of the partnership with the Tajik and Kyrgyz companies will be highlighted for the Russian potential buyers. The benefits range from the absence of customs barriers to common language and common business culture, shared industrial history and experience of long-term relationships between all private and public structures, as well as the more affordable prices.” 

The program of the Tajik companies in Moscow this year also includes participation at a special two-day training on algorithm of creation of commercial collection of clothes. The training will be provided by a well-known Russian consulting company – Fashion Consulting Group ( and aims to improve the knowledge of participants on successful tools and technologies of creation of new brands and collection of clothes.

The present project is component FOUR of the Trade Cooperation Program (TCP) in Tajikistan and aims to increase the export competitiveness of the textile and clothing (T&C) sector, by providing sector specific support to SMEs and relevant trade support institutions (TSIs), as well as supporting respective stakeholders in taking a strategic approach to the sector’s development. It will also explore the challenges and development potential of the tourism and handicraft sectors in Tajikistan, outlining relevant trade related technical assistance priorities. 

Swiss support: Within its Cooperation Strategy for 2012-2015, Switzerland focuses on four sectors in Tajikistan; Health, Rule of Law, Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation, and Private Sector Development. The overall goal of Swiss Cooperation in Tajikistan is to support the transition process in the country through contributing to economic development and by helping build institutions and systems which are responsive to the population’s needs.,,

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