Tajik textile and clothing companies visit Kyrgyzstan for a study tour

A delegation of representatives from Tajik textile and clothing companies visits Kyrgyzstan on 25 to 29 May 2016 to familiarize with the industry in neighbouring country and discuss cooperation issues

The business-tour is organized under the International Trade Centre (ITC)’s project funded by the Government of Switzerland.

The Tajik delegation includes representatives of 13 textile and clothing companies and two universities.

The textile and clothing industry is booming in Kyrgyzstan in recent years and currently the sector employs 100,000 – 150,000 people in about 1,500 companies. The country produces textile and clothing products for around 190 million USD annually and exports almost all to Russia and Kazakhstan. In recent years, Kyrgyz specialists are being invited by Tajik garment factories to work in Tajikistan too.

During the tour, the Tajik delegation visit some of the best representatives of the sector in Kyrgyzstan, such as “Larisa Fashion”, “Svetlanka”, “Modniki”, “Аrdamina”, “Nazik”, “VIVA TEX”, “Textile Trans”, “Аyyima”, meets representatives of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Economy, light industry and fashion-designers associations, as well as Kyrgyz State Technical University. The selected hosting companies focus on producing different products, such as different types of women and men apparel, kids’ clothes, socks and tights, and etc.

Gaining new knowledge from experience of the Kyrgyz companies, learning the key factors behind the development of garment industry in the neighboring country, as well as establishing new business contacts and mutual cooperation between Tajik and Kyrgyz companies are expected to achieve during the tour.

Visit our web-site and our official page in Facebook to get more information about the results of this visit and our other activities.

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