International Trade Centre, Tajikistan

Маркази тиҷорати байналмилалӣ, лоиҳаҳо дар Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон

Preparation of Tajik craftsmen for the Ambiente fair

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The ITC project continues its support of the Union of Craftsmen of Tajikistan, and the Tajik companies, “Rukhom”, “SOHSA/Ozara”, “Pamir Gems”and “Armughon/ZTDA” to prepare for participation in the international trade fair “Ambiente”, which will be held in February 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany. Tajikistan will send some of its handicrafts to this leading European fair for the third time.

Ms. Gabriela Byrde, ITC international consultant on handicraft product design and development, visited Tajikistan from 22 to 26 November 2016 to individually coach the selected handicraft companies and organizations for the Ambiente trade fair. During her mission, Ms. Byrde reviewed product samples and collections and other marketing materials and tools for the fair prepared by the companies, and provided guidance and recommendations on improving product samples.

Ms. Byrde also conducted a photo shoot of the samples for the Ambiente trade fair catalogue. Ms. Byrde completed her visit with a half-day workshop on booth layout and product display for the Ambiente fair participants, on 25 November 2016 in Dushanbe.

It was Ms. Byrde’s second visit to Tajikistan this year to assist the Tajik Ambiente participants to prepare for the fair. She also visited the country in June 2016 to select partner handicraft companies to participate in the Frankfurt fair. The selected companies were also trained on dyeing methods, according to European Union conformed standards, in Bishkek in September 2016. 

The International Trade Centre, supported by the Government of Switzerland, aims to increase the export competitiveness of the Tajik textile and clothing sector by supporting sector companies, and relevant trade support institutions from both public and private sectors. 

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