International Trade Centre, Tajikistan

Маркази тиҷорати байналмилалӣ, лоиҳаҳо дар Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон

Pakistani textile business in Tajikistan

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Textile sector representatives were a key part of the large Pakistani business delegation participating in the Pakistan-Tajikistan Business Forum held in Dushanbe on 24-26 May 2017. A B2B event was conducted on 25 May to connect Tajik textile importers and exporters with Pakistani peers.

Mr. Abdullo Muhammadiev, Deputy Director of “Nafisa”, briefed the forum participants on Tajik T&C industry, its potential and investment opportunities. And after the Pakistani textile sector representatives presented their companies, the businesses were provided with the opportunity for business networking and negotiations.

During the event, the businessmen from both countries were also introduced with government regulations in the countries, customs requirements, freight forwarding and warehousing facilities available for trade between Pakistan and Tajikistan, as well as other logistical issues.

After the forum, a group of Pakistani businessmen visited “Vahdat-Textile”, a new yarn and socks producer in Yovon district, Khatlon province. Ilhom Mirzoev, the owner and director of “Vahdat-Textile” toured the guests through the company premises and showed the company products and the manufacturing process. Mr. Mirzoev expressed interest in importing dyes from Pakistan. Both sides expressed interest in future cooperation.

Mr. Shahid Iqbal, “Dream Enterprises” General Manager, manufacturer and exporter of home textiles from Karachi, Pakistan, with markets in the United States, Canada, and Europe, said that it was his first visit to Tajikistan and through this visit hoped to get better understanding of the Central Asian and Russian markets. He said, upon analyzing findings from this visit, he will consider the possibility of entering the Central Asian market.


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