International Trade Centre, Tajikistan

Маркази тиҷорати байналмилалӣ, лоиҳаҳо дар Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон

ITC Exhibits Tajikistan Cotton Products to the World in Moscow  

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Seven textile and clothing companies represent Tajikistan at “Textillegprom”, the biggest specialized industry event in the Commonwealth of Independent States, which started today, on 18 September in Moscow. Tajikistan latest achievements in yarn producing, cotton fabrics and ready garment are available to be explored in VDNKH hall till 21 September 2018. 

Preparation for the fair and participation at it is made possible thanks to the Government of Switzerland through the International Trade Centre (ITC)’s Global Textiles and Clothing Programme. This year the following companies from Tajikistan participate at the “Textillegprom” and they are: “Gulistoni Dushanbe”, “HIMA Textile”, “Liman”, “Nohid”, “Rahimov A.A.”, “Sapsan”, and “Vahdat”.

The Federal Trade Fair “Textillegprom” is a unique platform to exhibit and view an entire range of textile industry goods, from raw materials and equipment to finished products. The fair serves as a meeting place for wholesale buyers and industry experts from around 30 countries. Mr. Ardasher Ibragimov, “Business Consulting Group” Deputy Director, ITC local partner, and head of the Tajikistan delegation, says: Russia is one of main and attractive foreign markets for Tajikistan’s textile sector due to its size and volume, tight economic relationships, geographical closeness, relatively favourable market entry conditions and existing cultural links with Tajikistan. This fair attracts exhibitors and buyers from all regions of the Russian Federation, giving a complete picture of the Russian market. So, this fair is a good opportunity for Tajik exporters to research and better understand requirements and trends of their main export market by looking at and contacting exhibitors and potential buyers”.

“Textillegprom” is an excellent opportunity for Tajik companies to show and promote their products to a wide range of buyers from Russia and other countries, to establish direct business contacts with potential clients and to diversify their orders. Tajikistan companies will exhibit raw materials, including yarn, dyed yarn, raw cotton fabric, fabrics, as well as ready garment, like clothes for men, women and children, socks, knitwear, ladies’ and gentlemen’ underwear, sportswear, and different uniforms. The Tajik delegation will meet potential trade partners and see new modern technologies and products. The Tajik delegation will also have the opportunity to attend research and training conferences, workshops and roundtable discussions.

Tajikistan participates at this fair for 11th time and during this period Tajik companies were able to create for Tajikistan an image of a source of high quality textile and clothing products. “Liman” and “Sapsan” are joining the Tajikistan delegation to international fairs for the first time. The Union of Private Sector Development of Tajikistan has also been supported to visit the fair to get insight about new tendencies in the regional market and conduct business meetings with the Russian counterparts.

ITC local partners – “ACT Development” and “Business Consulting Group” are guiding the delegation throughout the fair. Both companies were actively engaged in the technical and advisory preparation of Tajik companies to the fair. Involvement of local partner consulting companies for preparation and participation of Tajikistan textile and clothing companies in national and international trade fairs has enhanced their capacities in different business support areas, such as organizing trade fair participation and marketing.

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