International Trade Centre, Tajikistan

Маркази тиҷорати байналмилалӣ, лоиҳаҳо дар Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон

Tajikistan trade system goes online with launch of a special portal

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The Swiss Government and the International Trade Centre supported Tajikistan to develop and operationalizeTajikistan Tade Portal” –

The Tajikistan Trade Portal (WWW.TAJTRADE.TJ) was officially presented at a ceremony on 26 April 2019 in Dushanbe. The event was organized by the Ministry of Economy Development and Trade of Tajikistan and the International Trade Centre (ITC) with financial support of the Government of Switzerland and other development partners, namely the UNCTAD, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and the United Nations Development Programme.   

The Trade Facilitation Portal is an online platform that provides step-by-step description of import and export procedures from the trader’s point of view. It displays, in a user-friendly manner, all the documents and form (i.e. licence, permits, certificates) that businesses must submit and/or collect from each border regulatory agencies and highlights the fees and charges that traders will be required to pay.

The Portal introduction is continuance of Tajikistan Government efforts on streamlining and simplifying trade processes for the benefit of Tajikistan’s business community.

Mr. Zavqi Zavqizoda, First Deputy Minister of the Economic Development and Trade of Tajikistan, addressing the Tajik business community, officials, diplomatic missions, and international partners, at the portal launch ceremony, said: “The Tajikistan Trade Portal is the first experience and the tool in the country’s foreign trade activity. It provides domestic, foreign entrepreneurs and other stakeholders an opportunity to receive information on procedures and documentation for export and import of goods, reducing entrepreneurs’ time and costs”.

ITC has been providing technical support to establish the portal and build national capacity to operate it effectively. In one year and a half, 39 product specific export and import procedures, which include 1500 goods and products were documented and continuously updated on the portal under ITC guidance. These procedures were also certified by border regulatory agencies in order to validate that displayed information is correct and traders can benefit from it. In order to keep the portal fully operational over time, ITC and MEDT have agreed on governance structure of the portal and are organizing trainings on portal operationalisation to ensure sustainability of the platform in the future.

Alina Fetisova, International consultant on Trade Facilitation at ITC, Geneva says: “As a next step, ITC would like to explore possibilities to assist the Republic of Tajikistan in leveraging information in the portal to design simplification reforms”.

The trade facilitation portal is a key tool for transparency that benefits businesses as well as Tajikistan government. For traders, it gives a detailed picture of what needs to be done to comply with national regulations. It thus reduces the time and cost invested by traders to obtain and analyse trade related information and minimize the risk of shipment being delayed at the border due to non-compliance with import/export requirements. For government agencies, it helps with the identification of all unnecessary redundancies and administrative bottlenecks. The TF Portal will thus assist the Government of Tajikistan, through the Coordinating Committee on Trade Facilitation (CCTF), to streamline and simplify trade processes for the benefit of Tajikistan’s business community and to ensure compliance with WTO TFA (Art. 1.2).

The International Trade Centre, supported by the Government of Switzerland, aims to increase the export competitiveness of the Tajik T&C sector by supporting sector companies and relevant trade support institutions from both public and private sectors.

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